Relationship Problems and Solutions Part 1


There is no perfect relationship even if you consider your relationship as a God centered one because everyone knows that no one is perfect and everyone is always on the process of being better each day; either you are married or still single. When problems arise, you do not have to worry much and all you need to do is to work our together and help each other for a healthy relationship.
Even if you are already married, there are still same things that you need to take good care of like your career. You are busy when you were still single and how much more of being a married one already. Communication is really an issue arising especially if you do not have much time for your spouse. You will experience a lot of adjustments and time managements as this is one of the things you encounter in your first phase in your married life. You will have misunderstanding because of this but actually you can fix this over a cup of coffee and a smooth conversation.
Manage your time and as much as possible update your spouse about your day plan or schedule. You are already married so your new responsibility is to update each other. Have time for each other and it does not mean that you need to always dine in a fine restaurant, you can just watch your favorite show or before going to sleep you talk many things like your plans and experiences.

Advent and Family: Preparing our hearts and minds

Advent and Family: Preparing our hearts and minds Do you find the run-up to Christmas joyful and exhilarating, or is it a stressful time of year? If you’re like many of us, your usually full calendar is even fuller. You’re fitting in holiday baking, shopping, cookie exchanges, decorating, and school music programs. And that doesn’t even begin to touch upon the activities your church may be hosting. In truth, these are things you enjoy, or at least would enjoy if they weren’t making you feel overscheduled and a little stressed.

As Christians, the four weeks prior to Christmas is more than a shopping and eating binge lasting from Black Friday to Christmas Eve. These are the four weeks of Advent, a term that is based on the Latin word adventus, which means “coming.” Don’t let Advent become a Sunday morning worship activity that ends when you leave the sanctuary. Set aside time as a family to reconnect with Advent.


Is it a coincidence that the themes of advent are exactly what we need not just now but every day? Not at all. Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. What amazing gifts from God these small but powerful words are! Carve out time each day to reflect as a family on what these words mean to each of you. Discuss what you can do to help one another achieve more of these concepts now as you prepare to celebrate Christ’s birth – and later as you make your way through the year.


Often, we view the Bible as one book with two parts, but Advent gives us a remarkable gift. Through Advent we see the prophecies of the Old Testament fulfilled in the Christmas story of the New. Set aside each day to read scripture as a family. Start with Old Testament verses such as those in Micah, Isaiah, Malachi, and Psalms. See if you can find where the prophesies and prayers are fulfilled in the Gospel. The treasure hunt will be worth the time it takes to complete!

Re-evaluate and Then Rejoice

Advent is a reminder that God keeps His promise. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! Take stock of the things demanding your attention this holiday season. Cut out the things that don’t bring you or your family joy. Focus on the things that help you prepare your hearts and minds for celebrating Christ’s birth. It’s okay to say no to a holiday party you don’t enjoy or don’t have time for. It’s also okay to spend a little more time on the things that do help your family connect with each other and your faith.

Challenge: What Christmas traditions help your family prepare? Identify the things that help you live Advent’s themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.