Quality Time In Marriage Part 2


Marriage is to be honored by all, and husbands and wives must be faithful to each other. God will judge those who are immoral and those who commit adultery. – Hebrews 13:4 (GNTD

Honor your spouse they are your confident, team-mate, and adviser.

Spend more time with them not just time but quality time. Ask about each others whereabouts, what are the things that they wanna do in the future? Or ask some next destination trip with your family. There are a lot of ways to spend more time with them.

Try these things to have more quality time with your wife:

1.Walk together in the park, you can even take the kids and buy some street food. As you walk together you will see a lot of beautiful scenery.

  1. Turn on the radio and listen to your favorite music(my wife and kids love this one each evening)
  2. Go for a bike with your wife discover different roads to go through with it you can spend living healthier together plus a chance for your to catch up on each others whereabouts.
  3. Picnic is not limited in outdoors alone you can also do it in the comfort of your living room. Cook grilled food for them as you feel the camping vibe. You start off by helping each other in setting up.
  4. Do not forget to say I LOVE YOU. It acts as a reminder for your endless love for each other.

Spending quality time for your spouse and kids need not to be expensive. Honor them and Thank God for giving them to you.

Quality Time In Marriage Part 1


When we were young we were taught by our parents to manage our time wisely w just like how a wise men runs his business. Everything should be spent productively. Every penny counts and every business deal is a must.

The same with marriage it is not all about giving expensive things to your love ones it is not about giving them all the luxury gadgets in your house or just dropping by food without your presence while enjoying it. Marriage is not all about materials and luxury, it is more on time well spent together, exchanging I love you and I miss you, complementing each other strengths, and supporting and giving a hug during tough times.

Sure thing that work can be demanding especially when you are pot for promotion we need a job to send the kids to school, to pay the bills, to enjoy leisure at times. However too much can work can affect your married life and quality time with your family.

Remember you marry your wife not your job. At the end of the day you work to provide their needs so better spend more quality time with them.

A family that eats together makes a happy family be there when your wife is busy preparing your favorite dinner. Be there when your son is ready to show how his skills hone up in school, be there when your child wants to shows his exam papers because he passed all the subjects.

Be there with them and your because they need you and your TIME.

Married Life: Sail the boat with God Part 2


When we decided to follow God and his teachings to us every married couple can surpass all the trials that they will go through. It is much easier for them to hold on to God’s promises knowing that tey have a strong foundation in their faith.

Is it amazing?

How God loves and protect us all especially in marriage. When time comes when your spouse is weak and have trouble in herself/himself just go and bring him to God and ask for guidance and wisdom because God’s comfort is the most relaxing and healing feeling to feel.

Jeremiah 31:3, where the Lord appeared saying “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” Or John 15:19, “As the Father has loved Me [Jesus] so have I loved you,”

When you sail the boat think about how many waves that you have to sail before you reach your destination. Think about how many storms that you have to go through. Stick together as a couple and sail with God the best wheel and anchor in married life.

Married Life: Sail the boat with God Part 1


Over a couple of years we are curious enough on who will the person that we will end up to? Who will sail the boat with us? Who will be our partner in life? Who will be our best-friend? Who will be our companion?

It was a long journey for others to find their one true love maybe they spent a couple of years trying to seek for it and ended up in a failed relationship. Maybe they spent a number years to finally wait the person that is God has given to them.

When that day comes you will be the happiest person on earth because you finally meet the love of your life. The partner, husband, and husband/wife that you have been praying for.

Is it important that he/she loves God than you as his/her spouse?

Jesus tells us that the first and greatest commandment is that we love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. (Mark 12:29-30).
The most important thing is that your spouse loves Jesus because when he/she does everything falls into place this is the reminder that he is a child of God.

Choose Love and Stay In-love Part 2


“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” – Ecclesiastes 4:12

Marriage is like a roller coaster ride you can go up and eventually down it is cycle where there are many stop-over . It requires deep understanding and strong faith in God. Marriage is not easy there are factors that affects it and there are reasons to fight for it. Marriage is between the union of two individual who decided to be with accordance of the will of God. Together the married couple has a strong bundle; the wife, the husband, and the presence of God through this their life together will have a strong foundation and it cannot be broken nor destroyed.


“Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.”- Ephesians 4:2-3


Choose to be humble because humility always wins from deep understanding to each others flaws to appreciating each others strengths. Be patient with your spouse there will be times that you will feel that he/she is not doing any actions to correct a certain issues between your marriage maybe you just have to be patient enough as your spouse is still building and analyzing on how he/she will be able to address certain issues that you are facing as a couple the most important thing is that you give each other ties to grow, learn, and change for the better. This verse reminds us that be patient with each others, make time to hear each other side, and then be humble always through it you will be able to have less arguments since you know how to handle each other.




Being Consistent Part2



Being consistent on what you are already doing is a very important thing. You need to be focused on what you do and you need inspirations like your partner and your children to keep you going. Continue to be a loving partner and a loving parent. Your family will always thank God because of your life and you just continue to do your responsibilities to them. Remind yourself that you are one of their inspirations too and the center of your relationship will always be God.
Lastly, be consistent on what you really want to happen in the future, not just for your family but also for yourself. Be consistent and as much as you can, do not change plans especially if there are influences from others. Depend on God’s revelation and always be transparent to your partner. Always remember that you are not alone and both of you can make a decision. Advice from others may help you make decisions but God’s revelation is the most important thing. Just be consistent of being dependent to God.  Consistency is essential in one’s everyday life.
Goal setting for your family with your partner is an important thing to do. Others forget to talk about their plans and even what they feel that is why other couples tend to have doubts or do not have full trust to their partner. Always ask the Lord to guide you in every plans and decisions you make.

Relationship Problems and Solutions Part 1


There is no perfect relationship even if you consider your relationship as a God centered one because everyone knows that no one is perfect and everyone is always on the process of being better each day; either you are married or still single. When problems arise, you do not have to worry much and all you need to do is to work our together and help each other for a healthy relationship.
Even if you are already married, there are still same things that you need to take good care of like your career. You are busy when you were still single and how much more of being a married one already. Communication is really an issue arising especially if you do not have much time for your spouse. You will experience a lot of adjustments and time managements as this is one of the things you encounter in your first phase in your married life. You will have misunderstanding because of this but actually you can fix this over a cup of coffee and a smooth conversation.
Manage your time and as much as possible update your spouse about your day plan or schedule. You are already married so your new responsibility is to update each other. Have time for each other and it does not mean that you need to always dine in a fine restaurant, you can just watch your favorite show or before going to sleep you talk many things like your plans and experiences.

Mastering Marital Money Matters

Mastering Marital Money MattersOne of the most common marital speed bumps can be found in the checkbook. You may assume that tension is a natural consequence when money is tight – and it certainly can be. What we don’t realize, even when we’re in the midst of it, is that different money management styles can cause friction in a fiscally secure marriage too.

When Spender Marries Saver

After the church offering is given and the bills are paid, what do you do? Do you transfer some of the money remaining to savings or investments? Or, are you an innate spender? Does having a little left-over mean it’s time to splurge on something you wouldn’t normally indulge in? The real issue isn’t how you answer, actually. It’s how you and your spouse answer. When you have two different approaches, tensions can arise. Take a moment to sit down and talk this one out. Make a plan you can both be happy with in the short and long terms.

Mine. No Ours.

Whether you’re a single-income or dual-income family, take note, whatever money comes into the household is household money. Shift the focus of your fiscal conversations from “mine and yours” to “ours.” When we keep score of who earns what, resentment can rear its ugly head – whether it’s the urge to pull rank on spending decisions or insecurity over how much you contribute to the family bottom line. Remember that family support and contribution is much more than what’s in a paycheck. Don’t keep score.

Budget Together.

Hopefully you sat down and talked about short- and long-range plans before you got married. This is a good thing to do several times a year throughout your marriage too. Get on the same page. Are you saving for a home? Should your family budget include line items to save for college and retirement? Do you want to go on a vacation? Are you concerned about how much you’re spending on entertainment vs. squirreling away for a rainy day? Carve time out to discuss the family’s overall budget needs. Pray over it and then commit to a plan you can both live with.

Challenge: Like most anything in a marriage, money can be the elephant in the room that we tend to ignore. Take time this week to discuss your family budget. Work as a team to identify a budget you can both be happy with.