Being Consistent Part1


Life is more wonderful when you have something you are looking forward to especially in your marriage life. Goal setting is not just all about the desire of better things to happen in the future but it is also talks about planning to achieve greater things and putting deadline when will it happen.
In marriage, goal setting is very important because you are foreseeing what will happen in the future and it is much better if you are doing it according to the Word of God. Talking about goals, consistency is very important; being consistent on what you really want, being consistent on what you are already doing, and being consistent on what you really want to happen in your future.
Being consistent on what you really want means whatever may other things come, you will never change your mind because you are sure with what you chose. Like for instance, you want to establish Godly rules inside your home especially to your children who are more expose to worldly things.
You want to be consistent to your rules as a parent such as giving them curfew time, proper way of using social media accounts and to dress accordingly. These are just few of the things you need to implement inside your home and you just only want to protect your family that is why you are doing these.

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