A Healthy Relationship

A Healthy RelationshipYou cannot love someone if you do not love yourself first. You cannot give something that you do not have, right? If you want to have a healthy relationship with someone, you need to have a healthy self-esteem first before having a relationship with someone. How will you know if you are ready for commitment or ready for marriage? These are the things you need to check on yourself:

Your Mood

Everyone loves hearing compliments from other people. But what if others are saying negative things against you? Does it change your mood? You will know if you are ready for a relationship or you are already mature if you know how to control your emotion especially if you will hear something you do not want to hear.

Controlling yourself not to get angry easily is one proof that you are a mature person. Instead of confronting that someone, you manage not to care about it and you just live your own life that way you want. You can manage a relationship if you know how to manage yourself in the first place.

Others’ Reaction

Do you always find yourself pleasing everyone? Do their reactions really affect your entire day? You cannot please everybody so you do not have to think of others’ reaction if they see a quality from you that they do not like. Nobody is perfect so what they can do is accept your flaws or imperfections. Even themselves are not perfect too so you do not have to worry about that.

You will find yourself mature or ready for a relationship if you know that no one is perfect but everyone can do their best to be a better person before and during the stage of marriage.


Do you picture yourself entering marriage? Do you see it for a lifetime? There are individuals that they choose to get married because they just want companion but actually they are not yet capable to give out love because they do not even ready to commit. They still need to give time for themselves to be ready for it and to know exactly what marriage is all about. Marriage is really a big word that you cannot jump into it anytime you want.


Are you ready for a bigger responsibility? In marriage, you just do not need to think of your own good but for your partner’s as well. Before entering to marriage, you need to check yourself if you are ready for a bigger responsibilities and these responsibilities are mostly new to you. You need to have a bigger understanding first before entering the life of being married.

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