Happy Marriage Part2


Marriage is like work-out you need to do it everyday to see results.

Having a spouse is a biggest blessing that you can received from God that is why you have to take care of spouse the way that you take care of yourself and your children.

Here are some suggestion to keep your marriage happy and alive.

-Attitude speaks more

Good attitude makes a big difference you should not over power your pride remember your spouse is your partner in life you are a team in this journey by raising your children and having a good wonderful journey as a married couple.


-Water your plant the same with marriage

When you plant you need to water the plant so that it will grow. The same with marriage make effort to grow your marriage and help each other to grow as a better person and a better partner.


-Love is a decision but not a feeling

Real love is based on a couple’s vows of commitment for better or for worse. When it feels good and when it does not but be there for each other side.


– Crisis in married life is not the end of the journey

There are a lot of struggles to undergo in married life there will be pain and sorrow along the way but however it should not be the basis of your married life to end. Nonetheless strive harder to solve problems wholeheartedly remember you are a team in married life.

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