Quality Time In Marriage Part 1


When we were young we were taught by our parents to manage our time wisely w just like how a wise men runs his business. Everything should be spent productively. Every penny counts and every business deal is a must.

The same with marriage it is not all about giving expensive things to your love ones it is not about giving them all the luxury gadgets in your house or just dropping by food without your presence while enjoying it. Marriage is not all about materials and luxury, it is more on time well spent together, exchanging I love you and I miss you, complementing each other strengths, and supporting and giving a hug during tough times.

Sure thing that work can be demanding especially when you are pot for promotion we need a job to send the kids to school, to pay the bills, to enjoy leisure at times. However too much can work can affect your married life and quality time with your family.

Remember you marry your wife not your job. At the end of the day you work to provide their needs so better spend more quality time with them.

A family that eats together makes a happy family be there when your wife is busy preparing your favorite dinner. Be there when your son is ready to show how his skills hone up in school, be there when your child wants to shows his exam papers because he passed all the subjects.

Be there with them and your because they need you and your TIME.

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