Relationship Problems and Solutions Part 2


Every relationships are different. But a strong connection between two persons, it can comfort to know that you are not alone in life. Communication is the key to make strong any relationship. Because we share our feeling, problems, matters with each others everyday. Couples who learn to solve problems constructively together cut their risk for stress-related health problems including depression, cardiovascular disease, and lowered immunity.

Here are the common relationship problems and the solutions:

Transparency VS Doubt
You cannot blame yourself if sometimes you doubt your spouse especially if he is not transparent to you. The common reason why couple end up their relationship is because there is no more trust and there are many times that one has no time to explain his side. Conclusions were made without even listening to one another.
For you not to doubt your spouse, be transparent so that he will be transparent to you as well. You love each other so all you have to do is to understand each other. When you have something to doubt, confront your partner so that you will not think of the negative ones. Confrontation and communication will always be the key.

Money is very important in any status in life- single or married. Money is one of the main reasons why a married couple is always fighting and blaming each other. Sometimes, one is very secretive about the compensation received and one is very investigative about how much will get.
The solution is both of you should be transparent and should lay all the information about your incomes. You are already in one flesh so there should not be greediness between the two of you and you do not give an enemy a foothold in your relationship especially in this issue.

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