5 Habits to Break for a Healthier Marriage Part1


The key to nurturing a healthy marriage lies as much in what you should not do as it does in what you should do. We’ve talked a lot recently about steps you should take, like how to   fight fairer and communicate more clearly. Let’s look at the other side of the coin. If you’ve got one of these 5 bad habits, it’s time to break it.

Habit 1: The affair with your phone (and other tech)

We live in a world of constant connectedness. It reminds me of a recent exchange on Facebook. A friend posted, as he often does, “Out to breakfast with my wife.” Another person replied, “Shouldn’t you be talking to your wife instead of posting about it?” When you’re with your spouse, or anyone else for that matter, put the phone away. Focus on the person sitting with you right now.

Habit 2: Peacekeeping

A quest to avoid all disagreement is unrealistic. Consistently biting your tongue and acquiescing to avoid conflict will breed resentment. Critiquing your spouse’s method of folding laundry is not a battle worth having. Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list and wishing you had more assistance is a dialogue you need to have.

Habit 3: Comparing your spouse / relationship

Have you had one of those “Why aren’t you more like him/her” moments? That trait or exchange you are wistfully eyeing and wishing for in your own life was a single snapshot moment in someone else’s. You’re not seeing their whole reality. Don’t covet what you imagine exists. Step back and focus on what is wonderful in your own relationship with your own spouse.


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