Become Man, Wife in God: Nurturing a spiritually-based marriage Part 2


When you got married, the officiant likely ended the ceremony by introducing you and your spouse as man and wife for the first time. Did you know that someone was left out in that introduction? A marriage isn’t, after all, a relationship between two people. It’s a relationship between two people and God.

What if, however, you’ve pushed God aside in the marriage as a silent partner? How do you and your spouse make Him an active participant again? Here are three tips to cultivating a faith-centered marriage:

Count Your Blessings

Today ‘busy’ is the norm. You likely feel as if you juggle more than you relax or that you run more than you sit still. Being stressed and tired makes it easier for our eyes to sharpen the negatives and blur the positives out of focus. It becomes reflex to see where our partner is not measuring up to some standard we’ve set or to notice the little things that are wearing our patience down. It’s hard to be happy, especially happy with one another, when we’re focusing on the imperfections. Taking time each day to focus on the good things about your partner and your life together brings the positive back into focus. More importantly thank God for those blessings.

Challenge: This week, make God the center of your marriage. Pick a piece of scripture that speaks to you both. Pray over it. Discuss it. Take a moment each day to pray together. Make sure to thank God for your blessings when you do. What scripture speaks most to you and your spouse? What are you grateful for today?

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