Love or Lust? Why did you stay in your relationship? Is it because of love or lust? Part2


untitledA relationship should not focus in lust when you feel lust it is an urging sexual and body needs a healthy relationship will not rely in your sexual needs alone. It is about mutual feelings for each other and a Christ-centered relationship. Temptations are everywhere and having a lustful relationship will not make your relationship stronger it only weakens your relationship since you focus in your sexual desires rather than your relationship with the guidance of our Lord. Women should know the boundaries whenever you are in relationship make sure to trust your instinct the most because a a woman’s gut feeling is mostly true. Listen to your soul and ask for guidance to the Lord.

If you stay in a relationship because of lust think twice, thrice, and a million times over. If you are in a lustful relationship you will feel this way:

– You feel that your girlfriend or boyfriend is your lover and not your friend

A foundation of a healthy relationship is friendship it all starts in building a friendship then eventually build a relationship as boyfriend/girlfriend so that if you are having a problem in your relationship you already have a foundation that you have build it is easier for you to address some issues since you already know that person as a friend before he/she becomes your girlfriend/boyfriend.

– You are interested in having sex rather than having conversation

A healthy relationship should have a consistent conversation with one hello and asking the whereabouts to your boyfriend/girlfriend because time will come our body will change those tight skin will tend to loose as days pass and age will add another number but only conversation from each other will leave and stands as your daily communication to each other.

-You focused on a person’s looks and body

When it is love you do not focus solely on the physical appearance of a person but then focus on the attitude and well-being of a person.

However if you are in a healthy relationship that is guarded by love it means that you

– Spending a quality time with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a must for you

– Meeting with her/his parents makes you happy since you want to know more about his/her family

– You are vocal for your feelings to her

– Motivating each other is one of the things that you love doing to her/him reminding each other how great he/she as a person

Love is an exciting emotion to feel it is bounded by two people who wants their relationship to work out the next time you feel urge about something choose love rather than lust. A healthy relationship is have love and always guided by God.

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