break the yoke eBook


I feel a strong need to call in broken hearts of women whose hearts are in grasp of the enemy Satan trying to destroy their marriages. We do not have to sit around and let him. We have a right as a child of God to stand in the gap for our marriages. This position of standing in the gap is our God-given inheritance. It belongs to us.

It establishes God’s will in our families, by allowing God to work through us through the Holy Spirit to fulfill and reveal God’s plan for our lives. We can make our inheritance work for our marriages. This inheritance is the word of Jesus came to give life, mend broken hearts, and to restore broken marriages.

Sometimes it is perceived that Jesus’ healing is only for bodies, illness, and disease. But Jesus came to restore his covenant with his people through love, and we must remember that through marriage Jesus is illustrating the divine relationship and love with the body of Christ.

When my husband came to me and told me he wanted to divorce, I immediately went and knelt before the lord and was gifted a revelation as to why the lord hates divorce; it’s because of the effects it has on his children and through the forthcoming generations. Divorce attacks his children through abandonment, insecurity, rejection, and anger.

It demonstrates the bondage it can put us in. It is so devastating how painful these wounds and inflictions can be. But Jesus came to set the captives free and mend the brokenhearted.



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