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Relationship Problems and Solutions Part 1


There is no perfect relationship. Even if you consider your relationship as God-centered, everyone knows that no one is perfect and everyone is always in the process of being better each day; either you are married or still single. When problems arise, you do not have to worry much. All you need to do is to work together and help each other for a healthy relationship.

Here are the common relationship problems and the solutions:


Even if you are already married, there are still things that you need to take good care of, like your career. You are busy when you were still single and how much more of being a married one already? Communication is an issue arising especially if you do not have much time for your spouse. You will experience a lot of adjustments and time management as this is one of the things you encounter in the first phase of your married life. You will have misunderstandings, but you can fix this over a cup of coffee and a smooth conversation.

Manage your time and as much as possible update your spouse about your daily plan or schedule. You are already married so your new responsibility is to update each other. Have time for each other and it does not mean that you need to always dine in a fine restaurant, you can just watch your favorite show or talk about many things like your plans and experiences before going to sleep.

After many years of successful relationships in my own life, my mission is to pass on the blessings I’ve received to the many people seeking help in their own lives. I not only help to restore broken marriages, but also friendships, relationships, families etc. I am a faith-based marriage and relationship coach with a mission: To build stronger marriages through faith; to deepen the spirituality of the individual and the couple by accepting an open minded cornerstone of the marriage; to strengthen the communication, commitment, and respect within a marriage through a focus on gratitude, and love.