shattered devotion ebook

It is always sad to say goodbye to a loved partner or spouse.
A breakup is never a happy process. Neither is a divorce.

When your spouse lets you down, you are rejected, angry, and bitter. You feel lonely, unloved, misunderstood.
You are desperate, your life does not seem whole, something is missing.
Something is broken beyond repair, this is something that you cannot undo any longer.

Have you ever seen people who just went through a breakup?

Their eyes are so troubled and hopeless, and the sparkles are gone from them.
Now you are in such a situation. Even if you do not want to, you recall the good times with your partner, better and brighter days, now that those days are gone, you consider these memories precious and wonderful. You just do not want to believe that it is over. A breakup is bad enough already, but if you have married your partner, it makes things even worse.

Probably you are already married, probably you have kids. You do not want a broken family.
Single parent families can be successful and can provide a good, stable background for their little ones, too, but avoid this option if possible.

If you have kids, you do not want them grow up in a broken home.
Perhaps you are not ready to let your spouse go, you want to get back with him or her…


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