When you point out the difference between private and together prayer time, that really helps me to put into perspective what I should be focusing on in prayer and when. It has made a huge difference for me to be able to prioritize better – and to keep that together time strong!!  ~ Malory Goodwin

I want to thank you – your website and self-development tools have given new life to my marriage in Christ. We are praying stronger today than we ever have. Our children are successful in college and have bright futures ahead. We are blessed with a secure home and retirement. Just because everyone tells you that you are successful, doesn’t mean its time to take a break from God. Now that we have more free time, we are devoting ourselves to God’s plan with your help. Thank you!!  ~ Winston Jefferson

I didn’t have much time for prayer before I was married. Tony insisted that we pray together every morning and every night. At first I resisted, I thought it was silly. It was just the two of us at home after all. But after awhile, I did feel the hand of God on my heart. Thank you so much for encouraging my husband to not give up on me! Bless you!  ~ Sandy Almon

Thank you so much for the reminder – not only do we need to praise God, we need to praise our husbands as well. We need to remind them how much we love them and thank them for the countless things they do for us. I am blessed with the best husband ever. He is always in tune with my needs and I pray to God that he guides me & gives me the strength to be just as good to him.  ~ Malory Goodwin

Thank you thank you – you are indeed a wise woman. I need to remind myself daily not to take advantage of my husband’s kindness. He is such a gentle person that if I am not careful, he will let me make all the little daily choices – and he might not get his favorite breakfast if I don’t pay attention to his needs too. We can discuss our issues without letting it become petty –  we must make a conscious effort to love each other in little ways.  ~Malory Goodwin

I know I am good about remembering birthdays and anniversaries, but sometimes I let stress from work roughen my edges and that can be hard to live with day in and day out. My wife is a blessing to me, she is so patient and kind. I have to keep reminding myself that I need to express my love for her just as often as I express my love for the Lord.  ~ Winston Jeffeson

I’m not married yet – but I want our marriage to be our only marriage. There are so many obstacles and challenges to having happiness these days. I want to built our marriage on firm ground and make sure I take good care of her, both her mind, body and spirit. Letting Laura know I love her, and I want to pray with her, worship with her, and that I respect her utterly and completely, this will give her the confidence she needs to be a good wife and successful mother.  ~ Devon Chambers

Thank you for a different perspective. I don’t want to be a bully to Laura, I want her to be by my side, not cowering behind me. I know I need to work on listening better if I want to make sure to take care of all her needs before my own. I just want our marriage to last and keep the love alive.  ~ Devon Chambers

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